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The India-US bilateral trade in goods and services reportedly increased from US$126 billion in 2017 to US$142 billion in 2018. The US was India’s second-largest export market with 16% share and India’s third-largest import supplier with 6.3% share in 2018. In 2017, US FDI into India stood at US$44.46 billion while Indian FDI into the US was US$13.12 billion. A Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) survey in November 2017 found that 100 Indian companies had invested US$17.9 billion in the US, creating 113,000 jobs across its 50 states. Investment by top Indian firms including Wipro, Infosys, L&T and Mahindra, in the US has increased over the years. The Indian-American community is counted as the third largest Asian ethnic group in the US and wields considerable influence on American society and polity with its large number of professionals…

If there is one mandate that the ruling BJP government has seriously adhered to ever since being voted to power, it is that of making India a business-friendly destination. In keeping with this vision, the government has kick-started ambitious initiatives such as Make in India, Invest in India, Start-up India, and so on. Coupled with enabling government policies and a bustling private sector, these programs have started yielding benefits in the form of increased investor confidence, increased FDI and FII, and a situation where overseas investors are no longer wary of investing in India as they once were. While a lot needs to be done not only in terms of encouraging more foreign investment into India but also in terms of hand-holding and nurturing foreign investors who have already invested here, there is no denying that the tide is changing in favor of India as a global investment destination…

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