Amarjit Singh Monga

Senior Partner
Amarjit & Associates

Amarjit Singh Monga is a practicing Advocate with 30 years of experience in Intellectual Property Laws, including Trademarks, Copyright, Industrial Designs, and Patents. He joined the Bar in 1975 and has been the Founder Partner of Delhi-based intellectual property law firm, Anand & Anand, for 23 years. He is also the Founder of law firm Amarjit & Associates, with offices at New Delhi (India), New York (U.S.A.), & Zurich (Switzerland).

Amarjit attained his degree from Campus Law Center, University of Delhi, and achieved a distinction of being the youngest lawyer to have conducted I. P.-related cases in almost every state in the country within the first ten years of his practice and to have conducted some of the prominent cases in foreign countries, including United States, U.K., Germany, Israel, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Egypt, and Turkey.

Amarjit has a plethora of experience in conducting litigation for the enforcement of IPR Laws, which includes drafting of pleadings, examination and cross-examination of witnesses, and arguing before High Courts and specialized Tribunals.