Debolina Partap

General Counsel & Vice President – Legal
Wockhardt Group

Debolina Partap, General Counsel and Vice President Legal, Wockhardt, is a Gold Medalist in Master of Law. She started her career in a bank in 1993 and then joined pharma and healthcare major Wockhardt in August 2006. She is responsible for IP and litigation management, legal compliance, all corporate legal work, transactions management, amongst others. Debolina advises the top management on legal risks to the organization. Her main achievements come in settling complex insolvency petitions filed against Wockhardt Limited and settling intricate derivative suits filed against Wockhardt Group globally. She is also handling legal issues pertaining to complex and composite global regulatory matters concerning Wockhardt Group. Debolina is one of the few General Counsel globally who handle forensics and data analytics.

Debolina has been awarded Women General Counsel of Year Award 2013, three times. Wockhardt was awarded the Best IP In-House Team of the Year Award 2013, Best Pharma In-House Legal Team of the Year Award 2014, Best IP In-House Legal Team for Pharma of the Year Award 2014, Pharma In-House Trademark Team of the Year 2015 Award, and further, the Best Pharma In-House Legal Team 2015, all in India. Additionally, Debolina was awarded as the Top 5 General Counsel of Year Award for South Asia Region in 2015 by ILO-Asian Corporate Counsel Association-Hong Kong. Wockhardt Limited also won the Best Legal Team in Asia for Knowledge Management in 2016 in the In-House Community Awards on May 26, 2016 in Hong Kong and Best IP and Legal Team of 2016 awarded by IP Era. Wockhardt also received the Best Trademark Team of the Year Award in 2016 by CII. The Wockhardt Legal Team also won the Best Innovations and Strategies Legal Team of Year 2017 Award in 2017; additionally, Debolina was awarded the Best Individual for Outstanding Achievement In-House in 2017. The In-House Community of Asia Pacific in Hong Kong also awarded Wockhardt Limited as the Best Innovations Legal Team in Asia in 2017. Wockhardt Legal has also got the Excellence Award for Research and Development in 2017. Debolina has received two awards in 2018: One of World’s Best GC and Leader Excellence Award in the Legal Field.