Deepak Sabharwal

Managing Partner
Deepak Sabharwal & Associates Advocates & Corporate Consultants

Deepak Sabharwal began his career in 1988 specializing in Labor Laws. He started Civil Litigation Practice in 1993. Over a period of almost 30 years of his legal vocation, he has been successfully advising corporate clients across the globe, and the firm has represented more than 125 Corporate Clients, including Indian Private and Public Corporate, Business Houses, Multinational Corporations and a few Fortune 500 Companies in various courts in the country, from District Courts and Tribunals to the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India. Deepak at present leads ‘DSA’, a law firm which was started in 1967 by B. R. Sabharwal, then known as ‘BRSCO’, and thereafter, in 2001, Deepak took over as the Managing Partner of the firm. Under the leadership of Deepak, the firm grew from a boutique Law Firm at Delhi to a full-service Law Firm & established offices in all six metro cities of the country, i.e., Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chennai, & Bangalore. Under the management of Deepak, the firm mushroomed and grew to 102 people by 2009.

Deepak plays an active role in promoting trade relations between the country and believes that it is a method of fostering world peace. He practises this method and has been the President of Youth Wing of Indo-Bhutan and the Indo-Tunisia Friendship Association. He is also a Member of “Indo China Group”, “Indo Japan Group”, “Indo Ethiopia Group”, “Indo Algeria Group”, “Indo Iraq Society”, and the “Arab Afro Club”, all of whom have Indian Constitutional Heads and Diplomats as their chief patrons.

Deepak was awarded the ‘Global Citizen Award’ by ‘Unity International Foundation’ on its 50th Anniversary by Ex-Speaker of the Parliament, Meira Kumar, for his distinguished contribution and prominent role in promoting global friendship. Deepak is the Lifetime Trustee Member of the ‘Little Theatre Group’ at Copernicus Marg, which is a Society with a history of 60 years nurturing young talent, promoting theatre for children, and tapping their creative potential. Deepak is an active participant at legal conferences, contributing immensely to the ‘Corporate-Legal’ think-tank. He is also a Director on the Board of M/S Singer India Ltd. His modesty and progressive attitude despite of achieving National & International accolades makes him one of the celebrated leads of a law firm. He is also a gregarious reader and a philanthropist.