Douglas Graham

Ideation Inc.

Douglas Graham is the CEO of Ideation Inc. He is an expert on patents, enabling intangibles as a major asset class for the financial services industry. His specialties include Innovation Management and Securitization, Data Scientist, IP Valuation, Industry Exchanges, and Cybersecurity. He has built two eight-figure, award-winning, consulting practices focused on financial services, security, governance, risk management, and compliance. He has coordinated global risk and security practices for Deloitte.

In terms of technology, Douglas has built some of the largest web infrastructures ever which include five industry exchanges. He has worked on cybersecurity defending against APTs with two heads of DARPA and Chairs of Defense Science Board and also for the protection of IP in government labs. He has also developed algorithms and metrics to value intangibles and assess risks.

Douglas has written a book on Internet architectures, which was published in English, Spanish, and Japanese.