Dr. Manoj Kumar

Founder and Managing Partner
Hammurabi & Solomon

Dr. Manoj has significant experience in the areas of Policy & Regulation, Corporate Governance, and Corporate-Commercial M&A across a wide spectrum, including Natural Resources, Environment, Mines & Minerals, Digital Media, FDI, Cross-Border Transactions, Negotiations and Structuring, Re-Structuring, and Advising on Cross-Border Transactions.

A Doctor of Letters, Dr. Manoj is a recipient of the prestigious Mahatma Gandhi Samman that was awarded at the House of Lords in London.

Dr. Manoj is also a distinguished professor, author, independent board director, strategist, columnist, thought leader, and a guest faculty member at top-of-the-line law schools and the prestigious Indian Institute of Management (IIM). He has been recognized and rewarded in India and globally. He is often leaned on by the industry, government, and think-tanks alike for thought leadership on key issues.