Geopolitics, Conflict & Crisis: Key Challenges For Lawyers & Business

Globalization in business continues despite popular moves to try and reverse the change. The US is focusing more on its individual position as it appears is the UK after Brexit. While Europe has experienced a rise in local nationalism, recent elections in France brought back a sense of global identity. The biggest global markets in India and China continue to focus on economic growth while targeting laws to tackle fraud, corruption, money laundering and anti-terrorism activities, local issues but of global concern.

The world economies are more than ever intertwined, and developments in the US, China or Europe impact around the global markets. There is increasing attention focused on business conduct, ethics and whether the business is or should act in a way that is good for society not just for shareholders. Often, the two are seen as inimically opposed. The disclosures from the Panama Papers highlight the critical role lawyers play within the business and advising business. More than ever, governments are working together, regulators are working together and the power of social media puts business conduct under the spotlight.

The Legal Conference in London 2017 will focus on the key challenges for lawyers and businesses operating in a global economy and how to succeed. This Legal Event will have participation from leading General Counsel & business lawyers. The two-day Conference will conclude with the Gala Award Ceremony felicitating Global Achievers at the Legal Era Global Achievers’ Awards 2017. These awards are categorised General Counsel Awards, Law Firm Award and many more.

Key Discussions are on:

  • Geopolitics, Conflict & Crisis: Key Challenges For Lawyers & Business
  • Leading-Edge Legal Leadership
  • Legal Horizons: Mastering The International Landscape Of Corporate Regulation
  • Information Security & Data Privacy
  • The Arbitration World
  • General Counsel In A World Of Crisis & Conflicts
  • Bribery & Corruption – To Report Or Not To Report: Is That The Question?
  • Cross-Border M&A
  • Class Actions And Collective Redress – A Scorecard On Their Success For Victims
  • GC in the C-Suits, Boardroom & Beyond
  • Impact Of Digitalisation: Business In Changing World
  • Asset Recovery