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By Herbert W. Meyer

Written for you to be understood by way of the non-technical reader who's occupied with the foundation of the entire electric and electromagnetic units that encompass him, this historical past additionally presents a handy compendium of data for these conversant in and magnetic fields. The publication strikes alongside at a speedy velocity, because it needs to whether it is to hide the large proliferation of advancements that experience happened over the last hundred years or so. the writer has struck a conceivable stability among the human part of his tale, introducing these biographical information that aid enhance it, and its technical part, explaining theories and "how issues paintings" the place this turns out applicable. He additionally achieves a stability in recounting the invention of easy medical ideas and their technological applications—the myriad of units and innovations that make the most of power and knowledge in electromagnetic shape. certainly, one of many vital issues of the ebook is the shut and reciprocal courting among technology and expertise, among conception and perform. earlier than nearly 1840, the in basic terms clinical investigations of electric and magnetic phenomena have been mostly advert hoc and observational, and basically no expertise in line with them existed. Afterwards, the medical explorations turned extra programmatic and mathematical, and technical purposes and innovations started to be produced in nice abundance. In go back, this know-how paid its debt to natural technological know-how by means of offering it with a chain of measuring tools and different learn units that allowed it to develop in parallel. even though this booklet experiences the early discoveries, from the magnetic lodestone and electrostatic amber of antiquity to Galvani's frog's legs and Franklin's kite-and-key of the 1700s, its significant emphasis is at the post-1840 advancements, because the following bankruptcy titles will ascertain: Early Discoveries—Electrical Machines and Experiments with Static Electricity—Voltaic electrical energy, Electrochemistry, Electromagnetism, Galvanometers, Ampere, Biot and Savart, Ohm—Faraday and Henry—Direct present Dynamos and Motors—Improvements in Batteries, Electrostatic Machines, and different Older Devices—Electrical tools, legislation, and Definitions of Units—The electrical Telegraph—The Atlantic Cable—The Telephone—Electric Lighting—Alternating Currents—Electric Traction—Electromagnetic Waves, Radio, Facsimile, and Television—Microwaves, Radar, Radio Relay, Coaxial Cable, Computers—Plasmas, Masers, Lasers, gas Cells, Piezoelectric Crystals, Transistors—X-Rays, Radioactivity, Photoelectric impact, constitution of the Atom, Spectra.

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Following the work of Gray and Du Fay on the transmission of electricity, the idea of using electricity for telegraphic purposes occurred to a number of men. Before the discovery of voltaic electricity and electromagnetism the kinds of signais were limited in number. Winckler probably used sparks. Pierre Lemonnier of France discovered that the quantity of electricity communicated to a body is not in proportion to its volume but in proportion to its surface. He also discovered that the shape of a body influenced its ability to receive a charge.

Franklin had a friend at Boston, a Mr. Kinnersley, who was also interested in electricity. They corresponded frequently concerning their experiments. Kinnersley rediscovered Du Fay’s findings concerning two kinds of electricity by the use of two electrical machines, one with a sulfur ball, and the other with a glass globe. Neither of the two men knew of Du Fay’s work. Franklin repeated Kinnersley’s experiment, and observed that the sparks from the glass and sulfur balls were different in appearance.

IMPROVEMENTS IN ELECTRICAL MACHINES In 1746 Dr. Ingenhousz made a glass plate machine, but the same invention has also been attributed to Jesse Ramsden, although this was not until 1768. Benjamin Wilson about 1746 invented a collecter for an electrical machine somewhat resembling a comb. It consisted of a metallic rod with a number of fine points, SO mounted that the points were close to the revolving electrified surface. THE LEYDEN JAR A very important discovery was made on November 4, 1745 by E.

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