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By Lynne Graham

Billie's marriage ceremony day must have been the happiest of her lifestyles. She was once marrying the daddy of her baby...her "secret "baby. yet magnate Alexei Drakos had suffered amnesia, so he had no recollection of the tremendous evening he'd spent with Billie a 12 months ago.... this night he used to be watching for his new bride to be a virgin...

Billie knew marriage laced with hidden surprises used to be not really to final. If just for their son's sake, she needed to persuade Alexei of the truth...starting this night within the honeymoon bed...

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As for that dress. No train and all that fussy dated embroidery. Obviously Alexei is on the rebound—’ Gritting her teeth together and keeping herself out of view, Billie was literally trying to mentally seal her ears and stop listening to the bitchy comments. She reflected in disbelief on the exquisite hand-embroidered heirloom dress that she had fallen madly in love with, feeling affronted and hurt by that criticism of her gown. She could have put a face to every voice though. All three women featured on Alexei’s impossibly long list of former lovers, each of whom had gone on to marry or move in with one of his wealthy friends or business colleagues and thus contrived to stay within his social circle.

Only slowly did she regain awareness again, register the weightiness of her limbs, the heavy cocoon of sweet satisfaction that was reluctant to let her go, and even more slowly did she notice that Alexei had pulled away from her when she most wanted to cling to him. And then there was the silence…thrumming and taut as only a male as volatile as Alexei could make it. Her bright head swivelled on the pillow, green eyes very dark and wide flaring to Alexei. He looked levelly back at her and a lump of dismay formed in her throat, for she read the challenge in his appraisal.

Her face burned scarlet at the recollection. Across his desk as well, she recalled in consternation, mortified by the awareness that in spite of the chasm between them she had let him do exactly as he liked. Even so, it was still their wedding night, wasn’t it? Saying no to her highly sexed husband would not be the wisest path to take if she wanted to heal the breach between them. And, of course, anything that could reduce the tension between them was sensible and good, she reasoned, raking her tangled hair back off her damp brow with an unsteady hand.

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