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This booklet examines summary convex research and offers the result of contemporary examine, in particular on parametrizations of Minkowski kind dualities and of conjugations of style Lau. It explains the most ideas via situations and targeted proofs.

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59) was introduced by Flachs and Pollatschek [88], as a tool for the study of duality for optimization problems involving minimum or maximum operations. 42)) of a v-duality A : R x —> R w leads to a different class of dualities, called "1-dualities" [182], satisfying another "second condition" that involves two new binary operations on T? denoted by 1 and T, respectively. Since they are more technical, we will give them only in Chapter 9. 61) where is the binary operation on R defined by a T, ( c = —(—a * c) (a, c E R).

5 Dualities It is well-known that the classical concept of polarity from n-dimensional analytic geometry can be extended to subsets of two arbitrary sets X and W. , see [261), to each subset G of X there corresponds a subset G ° of W (called the polar of G) and to each subset P of W there corresponds a subset PIof X (the "polar" of P), satisfying the following axioms, for any subsets G and G of X and any subsets P and P of W: (1) If G C G, then G ° D G () ; (2) if i; C P, then TH- D P; (3) G C (G 0 ) + and P C (P±) ° .

73). 84) we obtain the so-called "duality inequality" a , 8. , see [236], thm. 69). 84) have been called by Rockafellar ([236], p. 19) "the central theorem about dual problems". , see [236], pp. 4-5). ,(0). , see [68], ch. 3, prop. 1). , see [236], thm. 16, or [68], ch. 3, prop. 2) that strong duality holds if and only if the subdifferential af (0) off at 0 is nonempty, and then af (0) coincides with the set of all optimal solutions WO of the dual problem (Q). Since the above classical approach to solving a primal problem (P) via a dual problem (Q) becomes ineffective in the case when a 0 p (at least, when the "duality gap" a — 18 > 0 is large), many modified Lagrangians have been introduced.

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