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By Alexander Alekhine

This advisor beneficial properties Alekhine's annotations of his personal video games. It examines video games that span his profession from his early encounters with Lasker, Tarrasch and Rubenstein, via his global name battles, to his conferences with the recent iteration of gamers within the Nineteen Fifties. Algebraic notations are incorporated.

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Txh6! Putting an end to all resistance, for if 33 . . gxh6, then 34 l:t l xf6 'ilr'g8 3S "'g3+ and White mates in a few moves. 33 tbxe4 A desperate move. 34 l:lxe4 lLlxdS 3S 'it'c1 ! 1-0 If now 3 S . . txdS "'xdS 37 "'xh6+ 'ilr'g8 38 l:tg4+ 'ilr'f7 39 "'xf6+ and wins. ••• This system of development was introduced by the author in one of his match-games against Teichmann at Berlin 1 921 . Its only defect is that c6 may eventually become weak--a weakness, however, which does not present very great drawbacks.

Gl 0-0-0 The point of the manoeuvre initi­ ated on the 7th move. Nevertheless, the material advantage of a pawn, which Black has succeeded in secur­ ing, seems very difficult to utilise, because of his poor development. xc6 e6 17 �f4 18 'ie2 (D) How ought Black to strengthen his position now? For example, here are two plausible suggestions which give no satisfactory result against a correct defence: 1 ) 1 8 . . b3+ 'ia8 23 �xa7 ! c4 with the better game for White. 2) 1 8 ... xg5 ! c3, and Black has no chance of winning.

6 18 g4 Regaining by force the piece he has sacrificed. g6! 18 The only resource. If 18 ... liJf7 or 18 ... liJg8, White can win with the following problem-like variation : 1 9 'it'f4+

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