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By Clara Dillingham Pierson, F. C. Gordon

A pleasant quantity of nature tales for little ones. offers the adventures of mom Eel, the Playful Muskrat, the Snappy Snapping Turtle, and the opposite Pond humans. those tales are filled with humor, but cleverly show information regarding the frogs, minnows, and different pond citizens and sometimes recommend an ethical in a fragile demeanour which no baby may perhaps face up to. best for kids a while five to 7.

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She was very fond of the First Tadpole, and had about decided that he must be one of her sons. " exclaimed the Green Brown Frog. "It is lucky for you that he doesn't believe in eating hearty suppers, that is all I have to say! " Then the First Tadpole lost his temper. "I'm not foolish, and I'm not a Tadpole," he said. " said the voice of the Yellow Brown Frog behind him. "You are a Frog, are you? Let's hear you croak then. " "You are just a tailless Tadpole," said the Yellow Brown Frog sternly.

It is sad, yet it is always so. Sometimes the Frogs came to see them, and once—once, after the Tadpoles had gotten their hindlegs, the Biggest Frog sat in the marsh near by and told them stories of his Tadpolehood. He said that he was always a very good little Tadpole, and always did as the Frogs told him to do; and that he was such a promising little fellow that every Mother Frog in the pond was sure that he had been hatched from one of her eggs. THE BIGGEST FROG TOLD THEM STORIES. " asked one Tadpole, who never listened carefully, and so was always asking stupid questions.

THE BIGGEST FROG TOLD THEM STORIES. " asked one Tadpole, who never listened carefully, and so was always asking stupid questions. The Biggest Frog looked at him very sternly. "No," said he, "I was not. Each wanted me as her son, but I never knew to which I belonged. I never knew! " Then he filled the sacs on each side of his neck with air, and croaked loudly. His sister afterward told the Tadpoles that he was thinking of one of the forest people, the Ground Hog, who was very proud because he could remember his grandfather.

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