Grady LoyGrady Loy
General Counsel,
Mitsubishi Gas Chemical (Japan)

Grady Loy has been engaged for nearly 2 decades at Mitsubishi Gas's Tokyo headquarters in normal in-house legal work that includes discussing with the company or affiliates the merits and pitfalls of transactions and projects and working with non-legal colleagues to overcome related challenges. Since it is a chemical company, there is a strong emphasis on intellectual property - obtaining and enforcing patents and negotiating licenses. He has been engaged as well extensively in the production, of documents for agreements, proposals, filings and reports.

Grady Loy has worked with filing and prosecution of patents in various countries to grant and in their subsequent defense or in defense of the companies against occasional charges of infringement. He is the only general practice attorney within MGC and has as a consequence been able to see and assist in relation to almost the entire spectrum of transactions engaged in by the company from M & A to minor insurance claims for traffic accidents. Grady Loy also advises with regard to litigation and assemble, work with and support teams of outside counsel for specific matters including litigation.

The business environment in East Asia as elsewhere has been undergoing significant changes in recent years and another key part of the job is keeping up with these changes and trying to assist the company to keep up with them as well. His goal goes on improve on a highly business friendly model of internal legal operation that nonetheless keeps the business side apprised of their obligations and risks.