Lisa Bhansali

Advisor, Institutional Integrity Vice-Presidency (INT)
The World Bank Group

Lisa Bhansali is currently the Advisor for the World Bank’s Institutional Integrity Vice-Presidency’s Preventive Services Team. She was previously the Latin American & Caribbean Governance and Anticorruption Advisor from 2010-2017, where she focused on the implications of allegations of fraud/corruption in bank-financed projects; oversaw integrity assessments in both public and private sectors, and conducted analytical work on the impact of corruption on development objectives. Lisa has also been a Senior Public Sector Management Specialist, working on lending and non-lending operations on gender equality, justice sector and rule of law reform, civil service/public administration, decentralization, and institutional strengthening in the security sector, including in fragile and conflict-affected (FCV) states.

Lisa has been the Task Team Leader of numerous projects and analytical studies in Africa, Latin America & the Caribbean, EU Accession States, and South and East Asia. Her specific project experience includes leading teams in South Korea, Poland, India, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Argentina, Jamaica, Brazil, Chile, Grenada, Peru, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Mozambique, Tanzania, Kenya, Ecuador, Guatemala, among many others. Prior to working on Anticorruption, Lisa served as a Senior Counsel in the World Bank’s Legal Vice-Presidency. From 1996-2001, she worked at the Inter-American Development Bank.

Lisa has also worked for the Open Society Institute, where she helped established the Soros Foundation in Guatemala. Additionally, she has worked as a Political Affairs Officer for the United Nations in South Africa. Lisa received her Bachelor in Arts & Sciences from the University of Michigan; holds a Master’s in Public Policy from Columbia University; and studied law at Georgetown University. She is admitted to practice in the State of New York, the District of Columbia, and before the United States Supreme Court. Lisa has served as a Wasserstein Fellow in Public Interest Law at Harvard Law School. She currently teaches as an Adjunct Professor at Georgetown University’s Law Center.