I think it was a dynamic and wide-ranging series of discussions, not only of interest to people who have business in India and the United States, but also for lawyers in general. It was quite a good event. [The content] was spot on.
Bjarne P. Tellmann
General Counsel & Chief Legal Officer  – [Pearson PLC]
“I was just here for the one panel that we did, but I think that the goal of the panel was a very good idea. I also think that whoever ran that panel was very professional because they stayed in touch with me and made sure that we had everything we needed and followed up and was just extremely professional, and I can see myself coming to this conference, maybe not as a panelist but to attend it, and Viacom is actually a Member of the USIBC that’s part of Legal Era.”
Deborah Robinson
Vice President and Senior Counsel Anti-Piracy  – [Viacom]
I think such conferences are held throughout the world, especially in India. I think they are required here in the US. I would like a similar conference on the West Coast too. I enjoyed it [the conference] thoroughly. Thank you for inviting me. It was a pleasure. The panel was excellent. It was a good mix. I wish we had more time.
Komal Kalha
Officer-in-Charge, Office of South Asia (Additional Charge), Sr. Counsel  – [USPTO]
“The conference really gave us a nice opportunity to discuss all of the issues in one forum. This has been an interestingly packed agenda with a number of participants from the legal and policy fields to bring together people who don’t often times have a chance to come together in the same room. It’s certainly worthwhile to consider a more specific workshop or activity, specifically on one or two issues that were deeply discussed, for example, the issues on trade and more on the bilateral regime between India and US – particularly on IP – somewhat related to trade as well; we had a lot of interesting aspects.” “I think it was pretty wide content. There were some parts where it would have been good to have some of the participants serve as commentators in addition to moderators. Some of the panels had a lot of different speakers; instead of having them as speaker, perhaps, some of them could have been commentators because their experiences were such that they would be interesting to hear from not just their perspective but their summary of other people’s comments.” “I’d be interested to visit again next year. You might want to consider doing it in Washington D.C. It might be interesting to do it at a different place, not necessarily NY.” “Especially with all the discussions around Innovation in IT, doing it in San Francisco would be interesting. You’d get a different crowd not just locally but there would be interest from people to go from the East Coast to the West Coast.”
Lisa Bhansali
Advisor Institutional Integrity Vice-Presidency (INT)  – [The World Bank Group]
“The conference was very helpful for people who do both transactional work and dispute resolutions in India and the US on a cross-border basis.” “It was very helpful to participate as a speaker and help people understand dispute resolution in the US and cross-border issues.”
Robert S. Friedman
Partner  – [Sheppard, Mullin, Richter & Hampton LLP]